Personal Data, Location Data in Background Collection, Privacy, and  Storage. 

Personal Data & Documents under your complete control

Store your data & documents copy privately in mobile phone

Only you can access or share your data & documents

No one can access your data to misuse or monetize or for target advertisement

User explicit consent is Required for Data Collection 


BlockRadiance also requests explicit member consent to share (1) Daily Health data &     (b) Carbon Emission data types with location data for generating a heatmap for user access or to share (without personal details)

a) Government Health Department to take preventive actions to prevent diseases, Epidemic or Pandemic - Daily Health data like Body Temperature, SpO2 %, Symptoms Intensity ( High, Medium, Low, Normal  related  Cold, Cough, Sore Throat, Breathing Issue, Vomiting,   Diarrhoea, Sneezing, Headache, Body Tiredness


b)   Government Environment and Sustainability agencies for collective data related to carbon emission CO2e and Carbon offset efforts CO2o. Carbon Emission data related to Electricity, Plastics, Transport, Clothing, Water, Gas   & Carbon Offset data to Offset efforts due to donation, plant tree and recycling


Realtime Event Location Data collection

If any Real-time event is scheduled for user participation, location data is collected to   calculate the event runner's leadership position and to close the event based on the distance   run target has been achieved

Personal Data, Location Data in the background, Collection, Privacy, and  Storage


Location Data in the background


BlockRadiance collects location data in the background to enable fitness activities like running (1) Run Start, (2) Run Distance Calculation, (3) Real-time Run Ranking and (4) Run End. The Data collection will be active in the background  even when the app is closed or not in use.” 


BlockRadiance collects location data to start the run, calculate the distance the user has run, & close the Run after the distance has been reached even when the app is closed or not in use and it is not used to support advertising or sharing with any third party.


BlockRadiance collects data for Membership Registration like First Name, Last Name, Email ID, Mobile Number, Gender, DOB, and Postal/Zip Code for Membership authentication, activation, and maintenance


•All data collected are stored in an encrypted format

•The email ID collected is used only to send the Membership ID & password to the user

•Once the user logs in the first time to the mobile app,

•All personal data are downloaded to the user mobile

•The email id and Mobile # are removed from the portal server permanently

•The server retains in an encrypted format like First Name, Gender, DOB, and Postal Code for membership authentication, change phone, and membership services


•The company also stores a copy of user data in cold storage  in an encrypted format like  First Name, Email ID, Mobile Number, Gender, DOB, and Postal/Zip Code for membership maintenance and complaint resolution related to any subscription-related services


•The company uses a payment gateway like STRIFE  payment and does not store credit card details.


•When a member purchases any merchandise using the Mobile App, if any physical items have to be delivered, only then the Member’s details like Name, address, and mobile number is sent to the server delivery engine for sharing with a delivery partner. Such data collected are removed from the server within 7 days from the activity completion date