Bhaskaran S

InvoSystems Blockchain is managed by Bhaskaran S, an industry veteran

  •   33+ years of experience in I.T with multi-industry domain knowledge
  •  Worked with Digital Equipment, Hewlett-Packard, Dectra, Samtech, and Mphasis at senior management roles in the Asia-Pacific region


 He is a Singapore Citizen and widely known for his integrity, honesty, living a simple life, respect for elders and fellow human beings.


He is on a mission to give it back to society by developing platforms, solutions with innovative and practical approaches to supporting

Philanthropy, Education, Humanity & Green Earth programs, free of charge.


The company will channel the profit generated from the commercial projects to support and manage such initiatives and programs

Company's Mission


The BlockRadiance platform is built with the purpose of supporting the global community to improve the quality of life, empower the underprivileged and for Green Earth programs.


The Platform will be operated free-of-charge for all approved social causes and charity. 

InvoSystems has more than 15 years of experience in 18+ enterprise large scale products and application development and continuously builds automated, advanced with great UI/UX but simple to use for enterprise clients and the general public. 






In the current world of profit only matters, selling personal data for commercial use/misuse, misuse of charity funds received, very few options are available for the public/community to be part of  decision making to ensure that no-one can exploit the trust vested in a third-party.

Experienced Team

The senior management will not receive salary or compensation from the company

Bhaskaran S

Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Allan Goon

Senior Technical Advisor 

Development Team

Over 30+ years of experience in Information Technology and multi-industry domains, IoT & Software Development.

Over 30+ years of experience in System Integration, Project Management, IoT, Control and Automation areas in ASEAN.

The team has experience in .Net Core 3.1+, Hyperledger, IoT, A.I (CV, ML, NLP), Mobile App, B.I and Analytics.